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We make sure you are getting fair bills and relevant compensations for any treatment you received or are receiving

Our staff has extensive experience working on both sides of the hospital billing process; hospital providers billing your insurance and insurance teams processing the claims. Our team knows the backstage procedures, rates and guidance. This knowledge allows us to know all the tricks, weak points and real situations with rates for treatment and lengths insurance companies go to in efforts to avoid providing appropriate coverage. Our mission is to provide you with relief from financial hardship caused by medical billing while ensuring you receive relevant fair rates for the medical support you have required. We provide expertise for all of your medical billing needs while encouraging hospitals and insurance companies to lower charges and rates. In some cases you  may also get medical debt forgiveness from the hospitals or doctors.

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Medical Debt Solution

How It Works


Upload the medical bills you want us to work with. In case your doctor bills are not handy, let us know. We will get the medical bills from the hospitals and the insurance companies for you.


Give us time to examine your medical and doctor bills with our data powered technologies. This software program will discover ways to reduce the pay-out and ensure cost saving.


We carefully review each medical bill and doctor bill. We also work with the doctors, hospitals and insurance companies to find any ways to decrease the amount you owe.


Clients Feedback

The following are just a few of the thousands of testimonials submitted by our clients who saved on their medical and hospital bills.

  • Medicaldebtsolution is extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and always responds quickly to my questions. I highly recommend them to anyone who is new to Health Insurance or needs someone with long experience.

    Derek Avatar

    I would not have been able to get my prescription filled even once with my own funds. This organization has been a lifesaver for the past two years.

    Michael Avatar

    Great customer service, always able to assist within a couple of hours, friendly and very professional. Medicaldebtsolution is a great help with my medical insurance needs and is always able to explain and get exactly what I need covered.

    Ilona K Avatar
    Ilona K
  • I am the only person who provides for my family. I’ve payed all of my insurance and even then some. Even simple things such as an x-ray for my daughter’s knee and regular woman check ups with some labs for my wife were $5000 out of pocket. Which resulted in us not being able to pay for our vacation. Who do they think I am, a millionaire? Thanks to google, I found the Medicaldebtsolution they were able to successfully return $4200 back to me. Now we can go to Florida without any worries!

    Maria Louise Avatar
    Maria Louise

    Expecting my second child, my doctor recommended some extra medical procedures. Even though they were supposed to be covered by insurance, the bills started to grow. The amount eventually exceeded $30,000. I called Medicaldebtsolution and poof, all bills were gone. $1,020 total. I love you guys.

    Larry Clarck Avatar
    Larry Clarck

    After a car accident my medical bills were enormous. They continued to haunt me even a year later. I was blessed to find Medicaldebtsolution. An expert called me and reviews my bills. They were able to return 67% of my expenses back to me

    Mark Daniel Avatar
    Mark Daniel